Privacy Policy

General terms and conditions

These articles describe the conditions of selection, use and sharing of your personal data when entering our website. Moreover, we provide information about ways you may customize the aforementioned based on your personal preferences. By using our platform you automatically consent to the terms and conditions set out hereunder.

What kind of data we collect

Every time you benefit from our services, or browse through our website, or use our apps to book your travel, or contact our customer service call center, we may collect personal data such as:

  • The customer’s name, surname, title, date of birth and gender.
  • The user’s name or similar identifier, email address, billing address, recipient’s postal address, mobile phone number.
  • Bank account and/or additional information about payments or refunds for services bought through our platform, plus further details about services you purchased from our agency.
  • User’s IP, type of browser, time zone, location, and additional technical elements which were activated during your online purchase through our platform.
  • Any information that you may voluntarily entrust us with in order for us to be able to provide you high quality personalized services by taking into consideration your personal needs.
  • Travel preferences, interests, travelling frequency, your preferred way of receiving promotional material and us getting in touch with you, passport or id number, visa requirements and additional travel documents that might be required by the country you are travelling to.
  • Booking data such as date and time of travelling (departure, return), class of service and fare terms, point of origin, point of destination (city, airport, port), airline, type of aircraft, ferry company, car plate (in case you are travelling with your car by ferry boat).
  • Sensitive personal data which you may wish to disclose to our agency in terms of mediation so that the product provider (e.g. airline) responds satisfactorily to your special request (e.g. request for assistance during boarding due to passenger’s mobility issues). Once the product provider handles your special request, our company erases your sensitive personal data which are linked to this request.

Additionally to all aforementioned, you may be asked to provide further personal information which shall be used for statistical and promotional purposes and for the evaluation of our services in order to constantly improve them.

In case we ask you to provide us with personal data of yours, you reserve the right to not consent to a concession as such. Nevertheless, in some cases the concession of specific personal data is a must; otherwise you risk the non-fulfillment of the requested services (e.g. flight ticket issuance).

In case you allow us to collect personal data that belong to third parties, you shall declare that you are authorized to disclose these data and allow their use as described in the terms of this privacy policy.

How we use data

We use your data in order to:

  • Register you as our customer.
  • Handle your requests, complete the transaction and provide you with the services you ordered through our platform.
  • Carry out payments or refund requests related to your booking.
  • Send you useful info about your booking, receive and evaluate your reviews about the quality of our services, reply to your comments and to your queries respectively.
  • Inform you about involuntary amendments affecting your booking which were made by the product provider (e.g. airline) for a number of reasons (e.g. flight delay or cancellation due to technical reasons) and offer you alternative travel options following the guidelines of the product provider.
  • Inform you about offers and services that might interest you.
  • Guarantee the usability of our platform, customize and improve your browsing experience through our website.
  • Complete our internal processes to ensure that best practice is followed in terms of quality management systems and information security.
  • Endorse our business operations in accordance with our contractual obligations and protect the Company and the booking platform as per the applicable local and international practices.
  • Proactively detect potential fraudulent activities (through cyber security measures) and protect your data against malicious actions.

It is possible that we use your data for other purposes as well which are relevant and compatible with the aforementioned objectives. Additionally, we may collect data you and other customers of ours provide us with through the use of our booking platform. In this case we may process, use and publish the accumulated data for any purpose set out above. In any case the accumulated data shall be used or published in a way that you or any other of our customers could not be identified (anonymized data).

How we share data

We share data:

  • With third parties to be able to process and complete your order, and fulfill any requests following the completion of your booking (e.g. amend or cancel a flight ticket). Third parties might be airlines and ferry companies, providers of tourist services, cooperating travel agencies, hotels, car rental companies, payment solutions, credit card issuers and processors, companies offering ground services at ports and airports, companies that have your consent to offer legal consultancy and ensure that your rights are protected in accordance with the applicable EU Regulations (e.g. protection of passengers’ rights and claim of compensation in case of cancellation or delay of flight which was scheduled to arrive or depart from any European airport).
  • With third parties who warrant a smooth user experience on technical terms such as speed of booking process, data processing, servers infrastructure, efficient customer care, review of our services provision, the safety of the data used for the booking completion, the safety of the info exchanged via phone, email or other source of communication, the actions taken to detect any malicious attempts, potential fraudulent actions etc.

Also, we share data to comply with the following applicable policies:

  • Pursuant to the applicable law in the event that local or international law enforcement organizations address an official request to our company we shall cooperate and respond accordingly (share data) so that they are enabled to implement the law.
  • Our Company’s terms and conditions
  • The protection of the rights, of confidentiality, safety, property rights of our company and any other entity involved in the booking process.
We may use, transmit or share data with stakeholders in case part or the whole ownership of our company participates in merger and acquisition, consolidation, purchase of assets, or management acquisition procedures.

Your rights

Concerning the data you provided to our company in order to receive services (e.g. your flight ticket) you have the right to submit a request to:

  • Access your data
  • Correct/update your data
  • Erase your data
  • Control your data (e.g. limit their use for statistical or promotional purposes)
  • Receive a copy in electronic form of the data you provided to our company
  • Revoke in full or partially your prior consent toward our Company to use your data

Regarding all aforementioned cases you may email us at

Once we receive your request we commit to process it and reply within a month from the day of its reception. In case we need more than a month to process your request we will provide you in written form explicit justification on time.

Your request should contain specific info as to which of your data you wish to amend or even omit from our database, or how you wish us to process it in general terms. For your protection we reserve the right to verify your identification data before we meet your requirements.

Even if we receive a request from you asking for your data deletion, we reserve the right to maintain specific data of yours so that we complete your booking order or your post booking request (e.g. refund) that was initiated before you solicit the process of your data as described above. Also, we reserve the right to anonymize your data so that your privacy is fully protected. We reserve the right to store all anonymized data for an indefinite period of time without any prior notice (data usage for research or statistical purposes).

Data safety

We use the most advanced technological tools to protect your data.

More specifically, in accordance with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) furnished by Sectigo, the world’s largest SSL Certificate Authority, our Company qualifies for receiving, processing, encrypting and transmitting data in a safe online environment which offers protection against any potential cyber-attack or leak.

Additionally, our Company complies with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance) international standards meaning that we are certified to process online transactions in accordance with the international standards set by the payment card industry (VISA, MasterCard etc.). Altair Travel, under no circumstances does store credit/debit card details (all card payments are processed in encrypted form).

Despite all aforementioned, our Company does not guarantee 100% the safety of your data which may be processed by third parties participating during the online completion of your booking order.